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Office Mopping

Antimicrobial Shield Technology

Featuring PRO-Techs® Cleaning Solutions

A breakthrough antimicrobial disinfecting
system that can permanently eliminate a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds from surfaces in your
facility. With just one application every six months, PRO-Techs creates an antimicrobial barrier that provides lasting
protection against germs, viruses and pathogens on treated surfaces.

99.9% Effective for 6+ Months

The patented PRO-Techs disinfecting solution forms a
covalent bond with any surface and creates a powerful
99.9% effective disinfecting barrier that lasts 6+ months.
Any surface treated properly with PRO-Techs will destroy
bacteria, viruses, odor molecules and other harmful
microbes on contact for this period of time. Germs, bacteria
or microbes from peoples’ hands and those that land
on surfaces from coughs, sneezes or air circulation are
destroyed on contact with a PRO-Techs treated surface.

Go Green

The patented PRO-Techs chemical system is a “green”

coating because it is water-based, non-toxic, non-
leaching, odorless, colorless, FDA Food Grade approved,

and safe for use around children and pets. PRO-Techs
utilizes a patented bonding technology to safely adhere a

powerful antimicrobial disinfectant to any porous or non-
porous surface in your facility.

Safe & Effective

PRO-Techs is safe for use on virtually any porous or
non-porous surface, including wood, carpet, upholstery,
metal, tile, vinyl, leather, stainless steel, plastic, porcelain,
fiberglass, stone and enamel. The PRO-Techs antimicrobial
agent is a broad-spectrum disinfectant that kills microbes
instantly and provides lasting protection against bacteria
and viruses.

Antimicrobial Shield Technology: Features
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